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Bodies Revealed

Bodies Revealed an ExSCIting and Child-Friendly Experience

October 10, 2012

After nearly 18 months of planning and an intense eight days of set-up, previews, and final preparations, the Da Vinci Science Center has opened the world-famous Bodies Revealed exhibition – one of two public show pieces that will appear during our Year of the Human Body project, presented by St. Luke’s University Health Network.

Feedback from our guests has been almost unanimously positive and tremendously curious. Premier Exhibitions, the company that produces Bodies Revealed, helped our team prepare for the questions we are most likely to face. The most frequently-asked question we have faced so far by a wide margin has been if this exhibition of real and uncovered bodies is appropriate for children.

While we respect and empower the discretion of adults to monitor the experiences their children encounter, our answer to this question is a resounding yes. In fact, our CEO, Troy A. Thrash, has shown the exhibition to all four of his children – two boys and two girls ranging in ages from 3-11.

As the teaching of basic human anatomy and physiology are hallmarks in any child’s education, we recommend that children attend the exhibition with a teacher, family member, or other adult. We feel strongly that the exhibition can offer a rare family experience to teach young people about the complexities of their own human bodies and the necessity of proper nutrition, regular activity, and the importance of healthy lifestyles.

During our preview events, we had the pleasure of working with Roy Glover, Ph.D., Medical Director for Bodies Revealed. Throughout the week, we heard Dr. Glover say several times that our bodies are the only things we “live in 24-7.” We think this point is the most important regarding the exhibition’s propriety for children. Not only does every child have a body or his or her own, their bodies are one of the first things about which they become intensely curious. Adults with children of both genders also understand that the physical differences between boys and girls are something to which they become accustomed almost immediately.

There is a powerful irony to this question for Da Vinci Science Center team members who have been with us for lengthy periods of time. When it was in its earliest incarnations, what you know today as the Da Vinci Science Center focused primarily on providing educational opportunities for students in grades K-8. The most-tenured members of our team have been accustomed to hearing others saying that our center is just for young children.

Our organization has evolved in recent years from a small educational institution for grades K-8 to an educational and cultural institution and a champion of tomorrow’s scientific and technical workforce. In essence, we have become as much a science center as we are a regional center for science. While we are proud of what we have become, and proud to serve curious minds of all ages, we have remained mindful of our heritage. We also appreciate that our role in the workforce development pipeline is that of sparking interest at an early age. Virtually all successful scientific and technical professionals share in their stories a moment of inspiration and excitement as young children.

Many of these stories involve an exhibit or experience at place like the Da Vinci Science Center. That is one of the most important reasons why our slogan – Open for ExSCIting Possibilities – is so fitting.

The Da Vinci Science Center’s Guest Experience team can be reached by phone at 484.664.1002, Ext. 121, or by e-mail at gro.retnececneicsicnivadnull@ksa.

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