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Manhattan Project

Manhattan Project Showed the World How Science Shapes History

November 12, 2012

As the United States of America observes Veterans Day 2012, it does so seventy years after some of the world’s greatest scientists began officially a project that would change the world in countless ways.

The American government established what was known as the Manhattan Project, the project to build the world’s first atomic bomb, officially on August 13, 1942. Two atomic bombs dropped in Japan in Aug. 1945 facilitated a swift conclusion to World War II.

There are several sources of scientific information regarding the Manhattan project on the web.

– The U.S. Department of Energy established a web page on the 70th anniversary of the Manhattan Project’s inception

– Science Channel presents a Manhattan Project trivia quiz that highlights basic scientific concepts

– The College Board, the company that produces the SAT and other well-known standardized tests, has highlighted the impact of female scientists on the Manhattan Project

– The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) highlights the role of a 1939 letter from Albert Einstein to U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt on the Manhattan Project

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