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School’s Out Day Camps


The Da Vinci Science Center offers single-day camps during holiday breaks for students in grades K-5. Each day will be filled with fun, hands-on holiday-themed science experiments and memory making experiences.

Register for more than one camp at once and receive $5 off.

Spooky Science Day Camp- Monday, Oct. 9

Join us on Monday, Oct. 9, 2017 for the Da Vinci Science Center’s first ever Spooky Science Day Camp! This silly-spooky camp will be filled with fun, hands-on Halloween-themed experiments and memory-making experiences. See more

Food Science Day Camp- Friday, November 24

To celebrate our tastiest holiday, we’ll explore food! We’ll learn about the important proteins, acids, and structures of food through tasting and making it ourselves.  Activities include making cheese, super-taster tongue testing, and using food to generate electricity! See more

Fly It, Fling It, Eat It Day Camp- Monday, November 27

Food isn’t just for eating; it’s also for fun! We’ll explore physics by shooting carrots out of cannons, launching marshmallows from catapults, having target practice, and more! See more

Winter Break Candy Day Camp- December 26-29

This is the sweetest camp ever! We’ll explore candy from around the world, make our own candy, and learn from professionals how the most delicious candy is made. Details coming soon.

Jump-starting the New Year Day Camp- Monday, January 15

We’ll let the sparks fly in this electrifying camp! Explore the properties of electricity through circuits, robots, and more! Details coming soon.

Out of This World Science Day Camp- Monday, February 19

This camp is all about the wonders of outer space! We’ll make our own star charts, learn about constellations, create craters, and make a device to land on mars! Details coming soon.

Spring Break Day Camp- Friday, March 30 & Monday, April 2

Each day will be filled with fun, hands-on science experiments themed around our living environment. Details coming soon.


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