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Leo’s Creativity Studio

maker space

Leonardo da Vinci was both a master painter and a renowned inventor.  His most creative work came when he was exploring the intersections of art and science. 

For Leonardo, the world was his laboratory. For you and your family, Leo’s Creativity Studio can be yours.

This maker space experience allows visitors to build and create using real tools and their imaginations. The creative fun will continue as more activities are added  throughout the summer.

Build a motorized bot and use it to make your own piece of art. These artistic little machines will introduce you to concepts in electronics, cause and effect, and manipulating variables. 

We’ll provide all the tools and materials, so you can concentrate on designing an awesome scribble bot. Try making it heavier or lighter, testing out various drawing tools, experimenting with materials used for the base, or increasing and decreasing the speed of the motors. The changes you make will produce different kinds of drawings.

When you are finished creating, you can take your art home with you.

Did you ever want to build your own race car, but didn’t know how? Using some “recycled” materials, we can help you create a self-propelled vehicle. Use a plastic bottle, a box, or foam noddle as the chassis. Attach axles and wheels, and maybe add some fancy decorations.

The big challenge is how do you make it move? Well, that’s the fun part. We have balloons, straws, tubes, motors, propellers, and rubber bands to help you figure it out.

This project challenges your problem-solving skills, inspires curiosity and creativity, and teaches basic concepts of physics.


The marble maze wall presents you with an empty peg board and a goal of moving a marble from one point to another. Since there are virtually an unlimited number of ways to reach that goal, you are essentially creating and solving your own problem.

How the marble travels along the maze is up to your imagination and ingenuity. Can you make it go uphill for a section, or up and then back down?  Construct an elevator to bring the marble up to the top, or make it go around in a circle like a roller coaster loop. You can use multiple marbles for complex chain-reactions. The combinations are endless.


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H: Mon.-Sat., 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sun. 12-5 p.m.
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