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Outreach Celebration Activities

KEVA Challenges

Engage in a series of fun design challenges using KEVA planks to explore building in a new way.

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Color Creations

Learn about the primary colors, experiment with different combinations, and observe how they interact with one another.

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Colored Shadows

Explore the primary colors of light and how they differ from primary colors in paints. This activity pairs well with the Color Creations activity, and there are special requirements...

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Discover the science of animation as you explore some of the different tools used to create these moving stories before creating your own. There are special requirements for this...

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Learn the science behind magic and learn how to perform tricks such as floating balls mysteriously in the air. There are special requirements for this activity.

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Wind Tubes

Use everyday materials to test and design objects to launch inside a seven-foot wind tube. Explore the effect that moving air has on objects with each change they make...

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Learn about electricity as you design a variety of circuits. Explore and problem solve through a series of challenges as you explore the shocking principles of electrical engineering.

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Brain Games

Investigate the structure and functions of brains as you observe encased brains, train your brain with a series of memory activities, and test your nerve receptors.

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Scat, Tracks, and Pelts

Test your tracking skills as you attempt to identify different animals using a series of clues left behind.

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Learn about code through logic games and fun computer applications. These activities challenge you to complete various levels that will introduce you to some basic coding knowledge.

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