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Grossology Show

Live Science Show Details

  • 25 minutes
  • Grades Pre-K-12
  • All shows can be tailored to your students’ grade level
  • September through March – $2.00 per student
  • April through June – Free with group admission

September through March

SuperCoolness – September through January

See the COOLest show ever as our educators help students have fun with one of the coldest chemicals in the known universe – liquid nitrogen. Where does it come from? What happens to water and other substances when they touch it? Why does it seem to disappear when you pour it out? Students will “ooooh” and “ahhhh” when they learn the answers to these questions and reveal the basic science behind these awesome effects.

Healthy Choices – February and March

As its name suggests, this show is all about the science behind maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In this program, students come to understand the term “physical fitness,” discover the importance of play, and investigate the benefits of eating well. Students see sheep’s brains, examine pig lungs, and unlock the caloric energy of a gummy bear. This show uses approximately 20 audience volunteers as very active on-stage helpers.

Standards: NGSS Standards 4-LS1; 4-LS1-2: LS1.D; Crosscutting Concepts: Systems and System Models MS-PS3: MS-PS3-1: PS3.A; MS-LS1: MS-LS1-1: LS1.A; MS-LS1-2: LS1.A; MS-LS1-3: LS1.A; MS-LS1-8: LS1.D

April through June

Dr. Watts – April through June

The Dr. Watts show introduces students to the excitement and wonder of high-energy physics. Students learn to identify different types of electricity and its applications in the real world. Students create a cloud in a bottle, have a hair-raising experience with a Van de Graaff generator, illuminate light bulbs in their bare hands, and enjoy other electrifying activities that help them discover what electricity is and how it travels.

Standards: PDE Science S4.A.2.1.1, S4.C.2.1.1, S4.C.2.1.2, S4.C.2.1.3, S8.C.2.1.1

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