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Hurricane Simulator

The Hurricane Simulator in the front entry is a tube in which visitors stand and experience wind forces accelerating up to 78 miles an hour, slightly faster than the minimum speed for a Category 1 hurricane. Hurricane Categories

Built Like a Mack Truck

Built Like a Mack Truck features life-sized truck cab and a game simulator challenging visitors to build the most fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly Mack truck and drive it through realistic challenges. Explore

KEVA Build It Up!

Presented by Alvin H. Butz, Inc., KEVA Build It Up! is an interactive visitor experience in which curious minds of all ages can show off their design and building skills using the popular KEVA planks. Explore

What On Earth?

Presented by the Harry C. Trexler Trust, this area highlights the Earth’s environment, weather, and creatures. Features include a state-of-the-art ocean touch tank, honeybee hive, and WFMZ 69 News Weather Station. Explore

Live Seismometer

Located in the What On Earth? area, the Quakes and Shakes Seismometer records underground activity around the world and displays it on the exhibit floor and the DSC website. Explore

What’s The Matter?

Presented by Air Products, this area highlights chemistry and materials science. Highlights include hand-on chemistry exhibits and Watch Water Freeze. Explore

What Is Nano?

Visitors are encouraged to try things together in this exhibit area as they explore the science of the extremely small – less than one billionth of one meter – and the big impact it makes on their lives. Explore

Inquiry Island

The Center’s Inquiry Island in its What’s The Matter? exhibit area hosts engaging hands-on visitor activities on weekends, summer weekdays, and school holidays. Inquiry Island Activities are presented by Jim and Irene McLean. Activities

Watt’s Up?

Presented by PPL and its Affiliates, this area highlights electricity, light, and the human senses. Features include popular Tunnel Vision experience and shadow room. Explore

What Works?

Presented by the Dexter F. and
Dorothy H. Baker Foundation, this area highlights machines and forces. Features include a working robot dinosaur, lifting levers, and Newton Chairs. Explore

Preschool Experiences

Experiences for preschool children can be found on both exhibit floor lower levels. These exhibits highlight shapes, living creatures, and other fundamentals. Explore


The GyroSphere experience is a life-sized human gyroscope ride that highlights motion, centrifugal force, and inertia. Explore

Science Art Exhibits

The Da Vinci Science Center highlights the connections between science and the arts with exhibits including Mona Lisa in Reverse and the Fossil Wall. Explore

Wind Turbine

The 102-foot-tall wind turbine outside the Da Vinci Science Center building is both a power source and an exhibit highlighting alternative energy. Explore


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