H/News/DSC to Celebrate Once-in-a-Century Epic Pi Day on Saturday 3.14.15

DSC to Celebrate Once-in-a-Century Epic Pi Day on Saturday 3.14.15

It’s Irrational. It’s delicious. It’s Pi(e) … and it’s going to be epic.

Epic Pi Day is coming to the Da Vinci Science Center on Saturday March 14, 2015, with fun, hands-on activities related to the famous mathematical constant Pi. Pi is an irrational number – which means it never ends or repeats. Its greater importance is that it represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference – the line around the edge – to its diameter – a line from edge to edge that passes through the middle.

Pi Day is celebrated globally every year on March 14 because Pi, written to three digits, is 3.14. What makes Pi Day 2015 the 21st century’s Epic Pi Day is that Pi, written to five digits, is 3.1415, and this year’s Pi date is 3.14.15.

Written to eight digits, Pi is 3.1415926. As part of the fun, the Da Vinci Science Center will open for visitors a little early for visitors that day at 9:26 a.m. Visitors who come early will be in for a special treat as the Center’s CEO, Lin Erickson, promises to get up-and-close and personal with the Pi Day spirit at that special moment.

Epic Pi Day activities will include opportunities for visitors to make their own colorful Pi bracelets; face painting related to Pi (and pie); and an opportunity to calculate Pi for themselves with a giant circle inside Leo’s Landing Café.

All Pi Day activities will be available to visitors with paid admission or membership entry.

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