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NCC Student Tops Home of Future Competition with Chameleon Fabric

A Northampton Community College student has earned top honors in the Da Vinci Science Center’s Home of the Future Competition for his innovative concept of a fabric that can change its color, gradient, pattern, or image with the use of a stylus.

Derrick Stanley from Bethlehem, Pa., conceived his Chameleon Skin Holographic Fabric and entered it into the Da Vinci Science Center competition as an assignment for an Interactive Product Design class. His idea topped more than 80 other entries to win a GE Café French Door refrigerator with hot water dispenser – valued at $3,199 – and a $1,000 cash prize.

The competition – held as part of the Da Vinci Science Center’s presentation of the GE Appliances’ Home 2025 exhibition – asked people of all ages to submit ideas of innovations they would like to see in their home in the year 2025. The competition was sponsored by GE Appliances, AT&T, and FreshPet.

Derrick Stanley’s Chameleon Fabric would consist of tiny translucent and digitally holographic fibers that would allow it to change color. The fabric would feel like cotton and be washable, durable, stain-resistant, soft, and waterproof. A stylus operated with smart phone app would allow a user to copy colors, gradients, patterns, and images and paste them on to the fabric. The Chameleon Fabric would be used for common household items like furniture, upholstery, carpeting, bed spreads, and towels.

One of Stanley’s Northampton Community College (NCC) classmates, Patrick Ward, was one of the competition’s two runners-up. His idea was to develop a bacteria scanner for use as a kitchen appliance. Kelly Veneziale – a teacher at Souderton Charter School in Souderton, Pa. – was the other runner-up. Her idea was for a fully-integrated smart refrigerator that allows homeowners to view its contents with a smart phone app and order groceries automatically using bar codes.

Entries were judged by a panel of professional designers, engineers, and scientists – including representatives from AT&T and GE Appliances. Criteria included the proposed innovation’s benefits, protection of the Earth’s environment, creativity, use of emerging technologies, and commercial appeal.

GE Appliances’ Home 2025 exhibition displays design concepts predicting how innovative technology and the integration of technologies will revolutionize how homes will function and how people will live in them in the not-too-distant year 2025. These concepts are based upon predicted advances in food science, demographic shifts, ecological issues, healthcare services, water scarcity, and home delivery.

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