H/Posts and Highlights/#MySci411: Students Use Tech to Combat Substance Abuse

#MySci411: Students Use Tech to Combat Substance Abuse

Students at Freedom High School in Bethlehem, Pa., are using science and technology to combat alcohol and drug abuse by their fellow students.

The students have developed their project for the national Samsung Solve for Tomorrow competition, which challenges students and educators to demonstrate how science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – known commonly as the STEM subjects – can be used to make positive effects on the communities around them.

The Freedom project’s lead teacher, Alexandra Rocsher, and students said in news media reports that their project will include a student survey, a statistical analyses of the survey results and research, and using a 3-D printer to create a model of a normal brain and a model of a brain impaired by drugs or alcohol. Their objective is to impress upon their fellow students the dangerous effects of these substances.

The students’ efforts also earned Freedom High School a Pennsylvania state finalist prize through the Samsung competition, which provided the school with two Samsung Galaxy tablets.

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