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Highlights: Members Bring Possibilities to Life with KEVA Cocoon

Interesting things happen every time Da Vinci Science Center visitors explore its exhibit floor. Something amazing happened, however, when Adrienne Edgar’s family of Schnecksville, Pa., stopped by Tuesday morning.

The Da Vinci Science Center members were enjoying the Center’s KEVA Build It Up! studio when they had the idea of building a huge cocoon-like structure around one Adrienne’s nephews, Eli Wenger.

Adrienne’s daughter, Kate Edgar, and Eli’s brother, Ben Wegner, spent nearly an hour placing the KEVA planks carefully in a circular pattern around Eli as he stood perfectly still.

As the family topped off the structure and closed it over Eli’s head, a crowd of other visitors gathered around with their cameras. They joined the family in a countdown before Eli burst dramatically from the KEVA cocoon.

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