H/Posts and Highlights/#MySci411: Penn Researchers Find Possible Test for Sports Concussions

#MySci411: Penn Researchers Find Possible Test for Sports Concussions

Hockey Players
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine believe that they have found a way to predict the future effects of concussions suffered by professional athletes.

Their research study of ice hockey players showed that the athletes whose concussions brought about more severe effects experienced more highly-elevated levels of a protein called SNTF in their blood following a hit to the head while those with more moderate effects do not experience the same increases in SNTF.

Bob Sillman, Ph.D., the University of Pennsylvania Professor of Neurosurgery who helped lead the study, indicated in news reports that SNTF is produced in nerve cells when they are damaged.

Sillman said that the research could lead to a simple blood test to determine how long it would an athlete to be healthy to play again.

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