H/Posts and Highlights/#MySci411: Snowy Winter in Northeast Has Benefits for Nature

#MySci411: Snowy Winter in Northeast Has Benefits for Nature

Eastern Pennsylvania and the northeastern United States are experiencing their most active winter weather seasons in two decades.

While the snow has provided many headaches for people, it does provide positive effects on the environment and wildlife, according to Da Vinci Science Center Senior Director and Chief Scientist David Smith, Ph.D.

In an interview with WFMZ 69 News of Allentown, Pa., Smith said the seeps into the soil and becomes ground water. That water benefits both people and the wildlife that rely upon it, Smith said.

A blanket of snow also can insulate plants from damaging cold, Smith said.

The Lehigh Valley region of eastern Pennsylvania has received 39.5 inches of snow to date this winter, according to the WFMZ 69 News AccuWeather team. The region averages about 17 inches to this point. The winter of 1993-1994 brought approximately 75 inches of snow, according to reports.

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