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GE Appliances’ Home 2025


This Exhibition is Now Closed

The Da Vinci Science Center expanded its Year of Innovation by becoming the first American science center to host a visionary exhibition created by GE Appliances’ engineers.

GE Appliances’ Home 2025 exhibition displays design concepts predicting how innovative technology and the integration of technologies will revolutionize how homes will function and how people will live in them in the not-too-distant year 2025. These concepts are based upon predicted advances in food science, demographic shifts, ecological issues, healthcare services, water scarcity, and home delivery.

Inside the Home of 2025

Themes and concepts highlighted in GE’s Home 2025 exhibition include:

– Uber-Appliances: Machines that integrate various functions and eliminate the use of one-purpose appliances as homes and apartments get smaller;

– Return of the Milkman and End of the Supermarket: Smart appliances that perform inventory management and automatically place online orders for delivery of fresh food and milk; such deliveries would be made to refrigeration units that can be accessed by delivery workers from outside the home; these developments would make supermarkets, as we know them, obsolete and revive the role of home delivery “milkman”;

– Laundry Made Easy: Single machines that wash, dry, fold, or compress laundry into pellet form; these machines would use “gray water” recycled from showers and baths to deal with potential water shortages;

– Edible Houseplants: Synthetic beehives that provide pollination and turn indoor plants into sources of fresh food;

– Greater Independence for Aging Adults: Appliances that take biometric information and dispense medication, allowing older adults to live by themselves for longer periods of time.



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