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Be the Astronaut

Welcome to flight school!

Greetings astronaut trainees!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk on the Moon, or pilot a spacecraft as it breaks away from Earth’s gravity?

In “Be the Astronaut” flight school, you’ll be able to experience realistic simulations of leaving the Earth’s atmosphere and exploring the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and the dwarf planet Ceres.

Using state-of-the-art video game technology, your training will take you on an interactive journey throughout the Solar System.

Be the Astronaut at a Glance

  • Runs through Sept. 2, 2019
  • Explore the Earth’s atmosphere and travel to the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Ceres using 3D flight simulators
  • Hands-on space activities in Leo’s Creativity Studio: Stomp Rockets and Space Exploration Marble Maze
  • Be the Astronaut is part of our One Giant Leap celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing. We will host space-themed events throughout the spring and summer.

"Be the Astronaut" Training Schedule

1. Science Station

Through touchscreen puzzles, you’ll learn about the science and technology behind the missions and spacecraft. The SCI Station will show you what is needed to keep humans healthy while in space.

2. Navigation Station

Explore the principles of physics required for launching rockets, entering orbits, navigating landings, and maintaining momentum in space. Using the laws of planetary motion and gravity, the NAV Station will help you plot out your flight plan.

3. Pilot the Ship and Landers

Hop into the cockpit of our 3D flight simulators! A pilot and co-pilot will control launch vehicles, interplanetary spacecraft, landers, and rovers. They maneuver using a joystick and control panels and watch the simulation on large display screens.

4. Complete Your Training Mission

Each journey has multiple mission phases including launch to Earth orbit, transport from Earth orbit to orbit of destination, mid-flight refueling, descent from orbit to surface, and a surface mission.

Space Missions in Leo’s Creativity Studio

Continue your astronaut training in Leo’s Creativity Studio. Explore the challenges NASA astronauts had to solve to make it to the moon. These space-themed missions reinforce the three basic challenges of space fight: launching, navigating, and landing.

Stomp Rockets

How far can you launch a rocket you make yourself? How can you make it more aerodynamic? How does a heavy payload affect the flight? These questions and challenges are explored as visitors experience the science of ballistic motion, and the interplay of energy, aerodynamics, mass, and gravity.

Space Exploration Marble Maze

Test your navigation skills in a space-themed marble maze experience that will challenge you to navigate a “spaceship” marble around planets, stars, and black holes. Using movable maze elements that attach to a magnetic wall, you can design space travel trajectories so the marble finds its way to the destination. Challenges along the way include “gravity assisting” stars and planets, and avoiding falling in to a black hole.

Lunar Lander

Become a NASA engineer by constructing “lunar landers” capable of protecting a crew or a payload and delivering them safely to the landing site. Using items like paper cups, bubble wrap, and cardboard, you will apply concepts of shock-absorption, drag forces, and stability, to create and test your designs. Exploring the forces of gravity and air resistance will give you an idea of how engineers land robotic rovers on the moon and Mars.

“Be the Astronaut” is presented by a Lehigh County Tourism Grant with additional support from Air Products, B.Braun, and ATAS International. Leo’s Creativity Studio is presented by B.Braun with support from ATAS International.


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