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Brain Party

Brain Party has been cancelled.

To celebrate the global Brain Awareness Week, we will be hosting our very own Brain Party where you can learn even more about your brains!

Special guests from St. Luke’s University Health Network and students from local area colleges and universities involved with the Lehigh Valley Society for Neuroscience will be leading different activities for learners of all ages!

The MEGA Brain

Discover how your brain works from the inside out. The MEGA Brain is the world’s only portable, inflatable, walk-through brain exhibit. Enter through the frontal lobe and exit through the cerebellum, all while learning about stroke, addiction, and how to keep your brain healthy.

The MEGA Brain is presented by St. Luke’s University Health Network.

Touch a Real Brain!

Examine and feel a real brain with students from Temple/St. Luke’s School of Medicine.

Fool Your Senses, Brain Caps, & more!

See if you can trick your brain with the Lehigh Valley Society for Neuroscience. Try out tons of different activities, including optical illusions and other brain tricks.

Stroke Awareness Activities

Learn the ins and outs of stroke awareness with St. Luke’s University Health Network.

Virtual Reality Fly-Through Brain Experience

Take a scientific journey inside the emotions chemistry of the human brain. You’ll take part in the process of a teenager becoming an adult, and help shape their future self by triggering emotions in key moments of their life. The destiny is in your hands!


Control a robotic claw with your mind!

Jealous of the cyborgs you see in the movies? Wish your brain could send signals to robotics devices? Your days of yearning are over. Experience the future of robotics with Backyard Brain’s The Claw, a motorized gripper that makes it possible for YOU to be the innovator of human interfaces!


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H: Mon.-Sat., 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sun. 12-5 p.m.
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