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COVID-19 Resources

Preventing the Spread

Hand-Washing — Washing your hands is one of the most important ways to stay healthy and prevent the spread of disease-causing microbes 


Social Distancing – Disease outbreaks follow a mathematical pattern known as exponential growth, and restricting contact between people before they feel sick is the best way to reduce the number of new cases of COVID-19.

Virology 101:  The Biology of Viruses and Viral Diseases 

SARS-CoV-2 – Learning more about the virus helps us understand the prevention strategies recommended by scientists.


Coronavirus tests – A sample from a nasal swab is placed through a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) process to detect genetic information specific to the virus.


Vaccines – Bacteria and viruses are very different, so they require different medical treatments.

  • Antibiotics, Antivirals, and Vaccines (The Amoeba Sisters, YouTube) New
    Learn how your body’s immune system fights pathogens and why antibiotics won’t help with a viral disease. 


Evaluating Information You Read About the Coronavirus – 

Resources for Families and Kids 

  • Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus (Child Mind Institute) 
    Experts from the Child Mind Institute offer a helpful video on how to talk to your kids about the coronavirus. Kids worry more when they’re kept in the dark. 
  • How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus (PBS Kids) 
    PBS Kids offers conversation guides for talking to your kids about COVID-19. Plus, there are some helpful links to PBS Kids videos on practicing healthy habits. 


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