H/Erel STEM Scholarship Award Winner: Carrie Spangler

Erel STEM Scholarship Award Winner: Carrie Spangler

From a young age, Carrie has been interested in agriculture and horticulture.  She started exhibiting at the Allentown Fair when she was five years old, and worked in other departments of the Fair as she got older.  When she was twelve years old, Carrie won the regional science fair and competed at Penn State.  She expanded on her interests by taking AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, and AP Statistics throughout high school.  Carrie is also involved as the vice president of Farm to Table, her school’s 4H club, which focuses on production agriculture.  She also participates in many extra-curricular activities, including varsity tennis as the team co-captain and National Honor Society as the vice president.  She is the vice president of  4h club Neff’s Clovers, and serves on the Lehigh County 4-H Program Development Committee.  Carrie recently represented Lehigh County at National 4-H Congress in Atlanta, Georgia.

This past summer, Carrie was the Alternate Allentown Fair Queen and advocated for local agriculture during the competition.  In addition, she spent two weeks taking classes at the USDA AgDiscovery program at North Carolina State University and a month at Penn State University at the Pennsylvania School for Excellence in the Agricultural Sciences.  Carrie will be attending Penn State as an Agricultural Sciences major, and she hopes to work for the USDA conducting research or advising farmers in navigating the industry.

In her own words…

“In eleventh grade, I took AP Environmental Science. The class was by far the best course I had ever taken, and it grew my knowledge of environmental science and sustainability. I had a talented teacher and a small classroom setting, which allowed me to ask questions and fully engage myself with the content. The class encouraged me to want to have an environmental minor or focus in college, along with agriculture.”

“The most encouraging extracurricular science experience that I have ever had was attending the PA School for Excellence in the Agricultural Sciences. The program surrounded me with like-minded people who had just as much passion for the industry as I did. The courses allowed me a formal agricultural education, where I got to explore my interests as well as completely new sectors, and it opened my eyes to the many problems facing farmers today.”

“I want to be able to help farmers improve their production results, environmental management, and communications techniques with the general public. I will be attending Penn State to major in Agricultural Sciences, where I will bring with me a passion for the agricultural industry and an ability to connect that world to inner-city and non-agrarian communities and emphasize the importance of agricultural literacy among everyone.”

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