H/Exhibit Highlights

Exhibit Highlights

Engineers on a Roll

A combined engineering lab, playscape, and climbing space that
offers students active fun while they explore math and engineering. Engineers On a Roll’s colorful balls and long tracks that dip and curve encourage kids to predict, direct, sort, and experiment while the balls remain in constant motion.

Technology and Innovation

Develop the mindset of an innovator and learn more about the technologies that will shape the future. Experience nanotechnology – the science of things less than one billionth of a meter. Design a Car, get inside a real Mack Truck and learn how to create one, and check out stories of local innovators.

Physics Playground

Students take a hands-on approach to learning about forces, motion, and simple machines. Try a giant lever, feel the difference a pulley makes, use the superpowers of hydraulics to Lift 1000 Pounds, take a roll on a Newton Chair, and discover the forces that help planes fly.

PPL Electric Utilities Energy Zone

Ignite excitement about electrical energy in the PPL Energy Zone. Dance, spin, and get hands-on with standards-based concepts of circuits, voltage, resistance, and power generation. Explore the Energy Dance Floor, Jacob’s Ladder, Circuit Blocks, Finger Tingler, and Hand Crank Generators.

STEAM Exhibits

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math combine in our STEAM exhibits. Try materials and challenges that will inspire your students to be creative, collaborate, and design solutions to problems. KEVA blocks allow open exploration of art and architecture. Create a “flyer” that soars high into the rafters at the High Flyers station. Also explore the Pin Wall and Glow Room.

Tunnel Experience

One of the Da Vinci Science Center’s most popular exhibits, students learn how to hone observation skills using senses other than vision as they crawl through a 72-foot-long tunnel in complete darkness.
*Each group is assigned a time for the Tunnel Experience.


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