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Field Trip Workshops
Select a 30-minute grade-level appropriate workshop and your students can design and build a roller coaster, learn techniques for solving crimes, or learn how meteorologists predict the weather from WFMZ 69 News Chief Meteorologist Ed Hanna. These experiences make the standards come to life for your students. Workshops are free from September through March and $2.00 per students from April through June.

See Like a Bee

Students investigate what all the BUZZ is about in the busy world of bees. As its name suggests, this workshop is all about exploring bees’ sense of sight –...

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Slime Science

This workshop all about ooey, gooey, sticky slime is one of the our most popular experiences. Students compare and measure the properties of some of our pre-made slimes followed...

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Sound Sensations

Students see sound waves and examine how they change with pitch, volume, and other good vibrations as they experiment with a tone generator and oscilloscope. After they investigate, the...

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Roller Coaster Engineer

What better way to test the laws of motion, conservation of energy, and many more physical concepts than by building your very own roller coaster? Students work in small...

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Healthy Hearts Featuring SynDaver

This workshop is all about our amazing muscle, the heart: what it does, how it works, and what we can do to keep it healthy – each and every...

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KEVA Construction

Based on the incredibly popular exhibit, this workshop is all about encouraging curiosity and embracing the arts in STEAM education. Students are tasked with completing fun building challenges designed...

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Shock and Awesome

This updated workshop invites students to explore the fundamentals of electricity by completing design challenges posed by our educator. The coolest part is that there is never just one...

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Crime Solvers

A kooky criminal is on the loose at the Center and it’s your students’ job to catch ‘em! This silly whodunit-style workshop introduces students to the forensic sciences and...

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Brain Freeze

Brrr…Students experiment with dry ice as they conduct scientific investigations with guided inquiry techniques.  Students gain knowledge about matter, phase change, and chemistry as they engage in experiments that...

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What About Weather??

Explore the wonderful world of weather in this brand new workshop for the 2018-19 school year.  Students will discover how clouds are made, experiment with air and wind, and...

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