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Meet the Scientist Event

Saturday, April 8, 2017: This month’s presenting scientists are Lindsey Welch, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Cedar Crest College, and Audrey J. Ettinger, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biology at Cedar Crest College.

Dr. Lindsey Welch

Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Cedar Crest College

Meet Dr. Lindsey Welch, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Cedar Crest College. Dr. Welch is an inorganic chemist and will be presenting on renewable energy and how to convert biomass, or biological materials, into fuels.

Dr. Welch’s studies include converting sugar like materials from trees into biofuels, and extracting oils from yeast to create biodiesel. She says that it is important for us to study and use clean energy, and to understand the impact they have on how much energy they use.

As a professor, Dr. Welch spends most of her time teaching chemistry and meeting with her research students at Cedar Crest College. For their research, Dr. Welch and her chemistry students work with biologists to engineer biomass sources.

Dr. Audrey Ettinger

Associate Professor of Biology, Cedar Crest College

Meet Dr. Audrey Ettinger, Associate Professor of Biology at Cedar Crest College. She spends a lot of time teaching neuroscience and biology and working with her research students. She and her students work with cichlid fish, studying their brain development and social behavior.

She also studies how to prevent the effects of stroke in chicken neurons. Studying these animal models help scientists like Dr. Ettinger learn more about how our own brains work!

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Saturday, April 8, 2017, 12-2 p.m.
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Visitors and members enjoy hands-on activities with the visiting scientists and find out about their careers and training.
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Meet the Scientist event
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DSC visitors and members
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Da Vinci Science Center
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