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Nano Exhibits

Nano Exhibits
The Da Vinci Science Center’s nanotechnology exhibits highlight the basics of nanoscale science, introduce some real world applications, and explore their implications. Nanotechnology is the study of things that are very small, less than one-billionth of one meter, or 3-5 atoms, wide.

Exhibit Features

  • An interactive station called Let’s Get Down to Nano that introduces visitors to the basics of nanoscience and helps them understand how small these items really are
  • Interactive challenges for visitors, including the search for nano products and phenomena in a complex image
  • A station where visitors to work together to build a giant model of a carbon nanotube
  • A challenge called Balance Our Nano Future that uses blocks to represent the challenges of working together to build a stable nano future

Topics and Links

What is Nano?
Lehigh University Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechology
Science Daily Topic Page on Nanomedicine


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