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Use the Force

Students review Newton’s three laws of motion in fun and ExSCIting ways. Several volunteers are pulled from the audience to test their physics knowledge and try to outwit the Center’s scientists. Featured experiments include debunking the magicians’ tablecloth yank trick, breaking a board in half – with a volunteer’s hand (no karate training necessary), and taking a ride on a hovercraft. After exploring these concepts, students encounter some of the outlaws of the physics world and expect the unexpected.

What it is
Outreach Science Show
60 min.
NGSS Standards PS1.A: 5-PS1-1; LS1.A: MS-LS1-1; LS1.A: MSLS1-2; LS1.A: MS-LS1-3; LS1.C: MS-LS1-7; LS1.D: MS-LS1-8; Crosscutting Concepts MS-ETS1-1

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