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Leonardo da Vinci was both a master painter and a renowned inventor.  His most creative work came when he was exploring the intersections of art and science. 

For Leonardo, the world was his laboratory. For you and your family, Leo’s Creativity Studio can be yours.

This maker space experience allows visitors to build and create using real tools and their imaginations. The creative fun will continue throughout the year, as more activities are added to complement upcoming shows and exhibits.

Space Missions in Leo’s Creativity Studio

As part of our Be the Astronaut exhibit, we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing by exploring some of the challenges NASA astronauts had to solve to make it to the moon.

Stomp Rockets

How far can you launch a rocket you make yourself? How can you make it more aerodynamic? How does a heavy payload affect the flight? These questions and challenges are explored as visitors experience the science of ballistic motion, and the interplay of energy, aerodynamics, mass, and gravity.

Space Exploration Marble Maze

Test your navigation skills in a space-themed marble maze experience that will challenge you to navigate a “spaceship” marble around planets, stars, and black holes. Using movable maze elements that attach to a magnetic wall, you can design space travel trajectories so the marble finds its way to the destination. Challenges along the way include “gravity assisting” stars and planets, and avoid falling in to a black hole.

Marble Maze Wall

The marble maze wall presents you with an empty peg board and a goal of moving a marble from one point to another. Since there are virtually an unlimited number of ways to reach that goal, you are essentially creating and solving your own problem.

How the marble travels along the maze is up to your imagination and ingenuity. Can you make it go uphill for a section, or up and then back down?  Construct an elevator to bring the marble up to the top, or make it go around in a circle like a roller coaster loop. You can use multiple marbles for complex chain-reactions. The combinations are endless.

Soar Higher

Explore the intersection of engineering and physics by designing a device to drop from a height as slowly as possible. Whether the goal is to reduce impact or beat the record for slowest drop of the day, you’ll have fun and develop problem solving skills.

Creative Circuitry

Embark on your very own light up adventure with copper tape, LEDs, and even electrically conductive squishy circuit dough. Design works of art that illuminate the room, fabricate wearable light-up pins, and explore the world of electrical engineering, all at the same time! Paper circuit projects are yours to keep and inspire continued learning at home.


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