H/Light & Shadow Box Project Showcase

Light & Shadow Box Project Showcase

Educators combined their knowledge and skills in science, engineering, and art to create Light and Shadow Scenes during our summer STEAM program, funded by a Professional Development for Arts Educators grant from the US Department of Education (in collaboration with the Carbon-Lehigh Intermediate Unit).  Using a variety of everyday materials and light sources, teachers played and experimented to create scenes that tell a story, have personal meaning, create interesting shapes from other objects, and more. 

What happens when light is bent, blocked, or bounced?  What happens when light goes through colored materials?  Can you guess what materials were used to create the scenes? A behind the scenes look may surprise you! 

Thanks to all of our teachers for their hard work creating these and for being willing to share their unique works of art.

Want to make one yourself?  Everyone started with a headlamp and red, green, and blue colored lights.

[Instructions can be found here. We did not incorporate motorized objects in ours because of time limits, but it would be fun to try!]

Looking Below the Surface
By Amanda Russell
ESL, Library Coordinator; Grades K-5
Arts Academy Elementary Charter School

By Amy Putlock

Music, Chorus; Grades 6-8
Broughal Middle School

By Amy Seals
All Subjects; Grade 2
Arts Academy Elementary Charter School

By Ann Bebout
STEAM; Professional Development
Da Vinci Science Center

Going Home with Mama
By Caitlin Gieringer
Library; Grades 2-4, 6
Clear Run Intermediate School

Musical Hues
By Crystal Bork

Instrumental Music; Grades K-5
Arts Academy Elementary Charter School

By Dan Kotran
STEAM; Grades K-4
Sheckler Elementary School

Towers in the Sky
By Felicia Stone
ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies; Grade 3
Arts Academy Elementary Charter School

Stargazing Pup
By Jenna Hermany
Visual Arts; Grades K, 2, 4
Arts Academy Elementary Charter School

By Kaleigh Hudak

STEM; Grades K-4
Executive Education Academy Charter School

Under the Sea
By Karen Guth
All Subjects; Grade 1
Arts Academy Elementary Charter School

For the Love of Coffee
By Karen Knecht
STEAM; Grades K-12
Da Vinci Science Center

Deep Sea
By Kristen Sauers
Art; Grades K-12
Colonial Academy

By Kyle Rusnock

Future Ready/STEM; Grades 5-8
Catasaqua Middle School

By Lesa Ross
Art; Grades 6-8
Easton Area Middle School

By Lori Davis
STEM, Technology Education & Engineering; Grades 1-5, 9-12
LCCC SHINE, Weatherly Area High School

By Mary Frank
Art; Grades 7-8

Tribute to Oz
By Melissa Woodland

Art; Grades 9-12
Easton Area High School

Litir og Skuggar (Colors & Shadows)
By Paul Dorney
Technology Education; Grades 6-8
Easton Area Middle School

Swimming to Open Water
By Rachel Watts
Art; Grades 6-8
Lehighton Area Middle School

Winter in July
By Sheri Lee Sousa
Art; Grades K-5
Union Terrace & Roosevelt Elementary

Dinosaur with Paperclips
By Victoria Savo

Library; Grades 4-6
Swiftwater Intermediate School


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