H/New Educator Excellence Award Winner: Sean Boyle

New Educator Excellence Award Winner: Sean Boyle

Mr. Boyle is a recent military veteran, serving 27 years in the US Navy, where he was a founding member of the Pacific Fleet Innovation Center.  While in the Navy, he was responsible for researching and implementing Maker Spaces onboard ships in the Pacific Fleet area, and for testing several 3D printer models underway at sea, including the Made-in-Space printer currently used on the International Space Station.  Mr. Boyle brings a unique expertise to his role, combining his real-life experiences and passion for STEM to change the direction of education for his students.

As the STEM Librarian and Education Technology Specialist at the Jewish Day School, Mr. Boyle engages his students directly in science, technology, engineering and math.  He designed a STEM Lab in the library to support cross-curricular integration and help scaffold information learned throughout the school.  The labs that Mr. Boyle creates are inquiry focused and support real world application, and also combine design thinking with traditional STEM skill-sets.  Examples of these activities are: students were challenged to build structures on LEGO boards that were glued underneath tables, introducing new perspectives; students competed to create the tallest tower out of 100 index cards and 24 inches of tape within 25-minutes, after having only 10-minutes to create a plan; and students researched the Juno Space Probe, and then designed an object that astronauts would need on their trip to Mars that can be printed on the ‘small’ Made-in-Space 3D printer. 

Mr. Boyle is also working on new and innovative ways to get students interested in STEM.  He is collaborating with other teachers to put a new twist on the traditional science fair, where middle school students will be tasked with building Rube Goldberg Machines.  In addition, he expanded the Pi Day celebration to become a full-school event, by helping students visualize and demonstrate Pi by creating bar graphs and artistic city scenes.  Mr. Boyle helps organize Dr. Seuss day as well, bringing in community members to do STEM projects based around Dr. Seuss books, and collaborating with the art and physical education teachers to create unique lesson plans for the festivities.  Mr. Boyle inspires enthusiasm for science through innovation and creates an open environment where students learn through asking questions and making new discoveries. 

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