H/Passover19 Discount Offer

Passover19 Discount Offer

The Da Vinci Science Center is offering a special discount in celebration of the Passover holiday. Save $5 off the regular general admission price of $14.95 from April 22-25, 2019.

Tickets may be purchased in advance on our website or on the day of the visit by mentioning promo code Passover19 at the Welcome Center.

About the Da Vinci Science Center

The Science Center brings science to life with engaging, hands-on exhibits and live programming geared toward families with children 10 and under.

Exhibit Highlights

Engineers On a Roll is a combined engineering lab, playscape, and climbing space that offers preschool children hours of active fun while they explore technology, mathematics, and engineering. Colorful balls in constant motion encourage kids to direct, sort, and experiment while long tracks that dip and curve show physics in real-time action. Your little learner will love the zig zag ball fall, the big dump, and the Bernoulli launcher.


Be the Astronaut: Hop into the cockpit of a 3D flight simulator and go on an interactive journey throughout the Solar System. This special exhibit runs March 25-Sept. 2, 2019.

Leo’s Creativity Studio: This maker space experience allows visitors to build and create using real tools and their imaginations. Build a stomp rocket, test your navigation skills in a space-themed marble maze, and design your own lunar lander capable of delivering a payload safely to a drop-zone landing site.

The PPL Electric Utilities Energy Zone features an interactive dance floor that creates electric energy when visitors jump or dance on the floor tiles. The tiles light up in different colors as players battle in teams to make the most energy. A dance floor quiz game also tests visitors’ knowledge of energy conservation.



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