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Highlights: Beekeepers Take Action as Hive’s Buzz Grows Rapidly

B104 Honeybee Hive
The buzz at the Da Vinci Science Center’s newly-refurbished B104 Honeybee Hive is growing … so much so that members of the Lehigh Valley Beekeepers Association spent part of their Fourth of July weekend taking important steps to ensure its viability.

Beekeepers removed part of the bustling hive Saturday to prevent overcrowding. Experts say that an overcrowded hive is likely to experience a swarm – a rapid exodus of the hive’s queen bee and up to 60 percent of her worker bees to form a new colony – that could threaten the hive’s survival.

While such as swarm would travel safely outside the Da Vinci Science Center building through an escape tube, a failed hive would prevent visitors from enjoying the popular exhibit for a lengthy period of time.

The beekeepers also captured the hive’s queen and marked her to make her more visible to visitors.

The buzz about bees also grows as the Center will host B104 Family Day on Sunday, July 10. The special visitor event re-dedicates the hive exhibit officially with the popular radio station as its sponsor. The day will include bee-themed activities for families and bee-themed episodes of the Center’s Slime Science Live! visitor game show. B104 morning show hosts Mike Kelly and Steph Wells will go head-to-head during one of the day’s games.

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