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Da Vinci Science Center Mural Community Day

Artist Matt Halm invited the local community to help paint his latest mural, which will be installed at 813 Hamilton Street, next to the future site of the Da Vinci Science Center at PPL Pavilion. 
Not only will the piece pay homage to the Science Center’s namesake, it will also be an iconic example of STEAM in action – Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math. The installation is designed to be removable, which requires unique engineering and materials to accomplish. 

The concept reimagines Leonardo da Vinci’s aesthetics and scientific explorations in an inclusive and captivating design, utilizing a collage style with a rich, vibrant palette. These panels will engage and educate the viewer and further the Da Vinci Science Center’s mission.

The mural explores how da Vinci’s ideas and inventions are connected to present-day STEAM principles through visual and conceptual connections. The mural is designed to offer separate compositions if the mural is displayed in smaller sections. The style, composition, and representations relate to a broad audience, while the exciting visual elements will invite the viewer into the wonderous mind of da Vinci. Leonardo’s words, “Study the Science of Art. Study the Art of Science…Realize that Everything Connects to Everything Else,” serve as inspiration for this work and will be included in the installation.
The mural will be painted with high-quality acrylic on Alumalite panels, which offer an extremely durable and lightweight substrate that can be easily removed, re-installed and repurposed at a later time in conjunction with outreach throughout the community.
Sponsored by a grant through Allentown’s CORE Neighborhood Partnership Program and the Lehigh Valley Arts & Cultural Alliance, the theme of the mural was developed in partnership with the Da Vinci Science Center to contribute to the city’s vibrant public art scene as well as to help build community excitement for and engagement in the new downtown facility. 
The Lehigh Valley Arts & Cultural Alliance and Mr. Halm invited community members of all ages to paint portions of the mural during a community arts participation day. The artist will hold a “paint day” in which community members will have an opportunity to paint on the mural panels and contribute to the mural-making process. This inclusive process allowed residents to add to the artwork in a paint-by-numbers method. 
Joining in the activities on August 6th were residents of Allentown’s CORE Neighborhood, supported by Community Action Lehigh Valley, Promise Neighborhood, Sixth Street Shelter, Fine Feather Foundation and local government, education and business leaders.