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#MySci411: Double-Lane Snow Plows Coming to Eastern Penna.

Advanced snow plows able to clear two road lanes simultaneously will soon be rolling along eastern Pennsylvania roads, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) in Harrisburg, Pa.

PennDOT has announced that the 30-foot-long plows will begin operating in the winter of 2011-2012 on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, highways, and selected multiple-lane roads.

The plows were tested in select Pennsylvania areas during the previous winter, and plans have been made to use them throughout Pennsylvania starting this year. PennDOT hopes the double-lane plows will help its employees clear roads more quickly and efficiently.

The tow plows look like the front-end plows PennDOT has used for years except that it tows a separate plow behind it. While the front plow clears one lane of snow, the rear plow’s wheels can be turned up to 30 degrees to the right, swinging it alongside the truck and allowing it to clean the lane to its right. The rear plow is operated essentially as a side wing, controlled by in-cab controls that help steer it and lift and lower its blades.

The double-lane plows were first used in Missouri and are used currently in several American states and Canada.

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