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H/Posts & Press Releases/Highlights: DSC Installs Baum Student Murals Inspired by Leonardo

Highlights: DSC Installs Baum Student Murals Inspired by Leonardo

Baum School Murals
The Da Vinci Science Center has installed two colorful murals that showcase Leonardo da Vinci’s genius in both science and the arts.

The two murals, which have been installed permanently on the upper level of the Center’s exhibit floor, were created during the summer and early fall by three students and one instructor from The Baum School of Art in Allentown, Pa. These artists are Jenna Kazmar of Reading, Pa.; Sarah LiCari of Richlandtown, Pa.; and Jacob Zelenkofske, Center Valley, Pa. Their Baum School instructor is Rosemary Geseck. They worked for several hours working at the Da Vinci Science Center gaining inspiration from some of its exhibits.

The mural – titled Leonardo da Vinci’s World, 2011 – combines several drawings from Leonardo’s famous sketchbooks and paintings to depict Leonardo da Vinci in a world that he created.

The mural titled Leonardo da Vinci’s Dreams of Flight, 2011 was inspired by the Center’s three-dimensional renderings of some of Leonardo’s drawings and depicts how Leonardo imagined flight could be in the 15th century and a history of human flight through the space age.

The Da Vinci Science Center, as it is known popularly today, took shape in July 2003 with the merger of the Discovery Center of Science and Technology and Leonardo da Vinci’s Horse, Inc. (LDVHI) – the nonprofit organization that actualized Leonardo’s vision of placing a 24-foot bronze horse statue in Milan, Italy.

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