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H/Posts & Press Releases/Highlights: ORCA President Encourages Seafood Eaters to Protect Oceans

Highlights: ORCA President Encourages Seafood Eaters to Protect Oceans

Edie Widder, Ph.D.
Edie Widder, Ph.D. – CEO, President, and Senior Scientist for the Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA) in Fort Pierce, Fla. – shared a simple way that seafood eaters can help protect the world’s oceans as part of her Keynote Presentation during the 2011 Da Vinci Science Center Hall of Fame Awards event Saturday evening.

Many populations of the large fish people enjoy eating are over-fished or harvested through destructive fishing practices, Widder said. The solution, she said, is for consumers to purchase fish caught or farmed using environmentally-friendly practices.

Seafood lovers can download through the ORCA website a free guide for environmentally-friendly choices.

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Image Courtesy: Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA)


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