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Highlights: Meet Frank, Larry, and Harry at the DSC Marine Tank

Frank, Harry, and Larry
An important part of creating the #BestDayOutWiththeKids each day is doing so with people who think maturely and act responsibly but never lose a childlike sense of wonder and playfulness.

So it is no surprise that two Da Vinci Science Center staffers spent some playful time recently at the Center’s Marine Tank exhibit watching its three blue-green chromis go about their daily routine.

Science Educator and Camp Coordinator Joe Schoenly and part-time Science Educator Sarah Milker began to riff about them – noticing that the biggest of the three fish always leads the group. In the midst of his lighthearted commentary, Joe began calling the big leader fish Frank. Only Joe knows why that name was picked.

Since the other two fish follow Frank’s lead faithfully in synchronicity, Joe and Sarah thought that they should have rhyming names. Keeping with the style of monosyllabic male names, they named the followers Larry and Harry. The three are shown in the photo above with Frank to the left and Larry and Harry behind him from left to right.

Before getting back to the important work of inspiring young people to enjoy science, Joe and Sarah spent a moment watching the newly-named fish and commenting as if they were narrators on a television program. They noticed that Larry and Harry sometimes drift off on their own, but Frank circles around of they fall back into line and continue their journey.

Kids, both young and young at heart, can enjoy watching Frank, Larry, and Harry daily at the Marine Tank exhibit and create their own playful adventures for themselves.

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