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Highlights: Mentor Allentown Coalition Busts More Myths

As the Mentor Allentown Coalition continues building an infrastructure to increase science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) mentoring for low-income student, minority students, and girls, its team would like to bust a couple more popular myths about mentoring.

Myth: A Mentor Needs to Have Experience Teaching Children

Truth: Although such experience is helpful, most mentors actually do not have this type of experience. Mentor Allentown programs are run by well-established nonprofit organization with successful infrastructures. Most programs already have finalized curricula and instructors and teachers to deliver content and manage the classroom. A mentor’s primary role is to assist, but mentors may carve out bigger roles if they wish to do so.

Myth: Only the Mentee Benefits from the Mentoring Experience

Truth: While the ultimate goal of Mentor Allentown and its mentors is to benefit students, many mentors gain as much from their relationships as the students gain. These benefits may include, but are not limited necessarily, to leadership skills, recognition within their workplaces, improved physical health, improved self-esteem and confidence, the feeling of being valued, and a great resume item.

Spearheaded by the Da Vinci Science Center, the Mentor Allentown Coalition is working to increase interest in the STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – among low-income students, students from minority populations, and female students, thereby encouraging them to pursue STEM careers and family-sustaining jobs. The Coalition is one of ten groups leading a national movement to change the way that students are mentored toward STEM careers with funding and support from US2020, a subsidiary of the national Citizen Schools organization.

Adults interested in mentoring are asked to visit mentorallentown.org today and register as a volunteer.

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