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#MySci411: Soybean Science Feeds Iconic Jaindl Thanksgiving Turkeys

Thanksgiving Turkey
When most people think Thanksgiving, turkey, and science, they think of tryptophan – the amino acid that is attributed inaccurately to the sleepy feeling that comes after a typical Thanksgiving feast.

While the amount of tryptophan in turkey is too small to make a person drowsy, science has a lot do with America’s favorite holiday poultry – including birds from the iconic Jaindl Farms in Orefield, Pa.

The official turkey provider for the White House feeds its specially-bred birds with a specially-prescribed diet powered largely by soybeans. The Jaindl operation produces 200,000 bushels of soybeans each year. After the soy is stored in climate-controlled bins, it winds its way through a series of high-tech machines that mash it, heat it, dry it, and add it to the exclusive Jaindl feed mix.

That mix feeds the 750,000 turkeys that Jaindl produces each year – making it the world’s largest independently-owned and fully integrated turkey business.

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