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H/Posts & Press Releases/#MySci411: PSU Pushes Purple Potatoes for Fighting Colon Cancer

#MySci411: PSU Pushes Purple Potatoes for Fighting Colon Cancer

Purple Potatoes
Researchers at Penn State University in University Park, Pa., believe that purple potatoes pack a powerful punch in the fight against colon cancer.

A recent Penn State study found that the intake of baked purple potatoes curbed the growth of colon cancer tumors in mice and killed many of the cancer’s stem cells. The researchers believe that the power of the plum-shaded spuds may be the result of the blend of several compounds they carry, including butyric acid.

The study concluded that similar results may be achieved in humans with the eating of one large purple potato per day.

The researchers will continue their work by testing purple potato use by humans and determining of the colorful tubers could have an effect against other cancer forms.

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