H/PPL Electric Utilities Energy Zone

PPL Electric Utilities Energy Zone

The PPL Electric Utilities Energy Zone explores the nature of energy and compares the energy visitors use to move their bodies and the electrical energy they use to light their homes. 

The PPL Electric Utilities Energy Zone includes the following:

  • Energy Dance Floor: An interactive dance floor that creates electric energy when visitors jump or dance on the floor tiles. The tiles light up in different colors as players battle in teams to make the most energy. A dance floor quiz game also tests visitors’ knowledge of energy conservation.
  • Why Sparks Fly: A Jacob’s Ladder exhibit featuring two long high-voltage electrodes with a widening gap. A fan lets visitors control an electrical spark as it climbs between the electrodes.
  • Finger Tingler: A generator station that produces voltage when visitors turn a crank. Visitors “feel” the electricity as it flows across the station’s finger pads.
  • Electricity at Home: A station of hand crank generators that let visitors power three different types of household light bulbs. Visitors discover which types of bulbs require the most energy and which types are most efficient.
  • Circuit Blocks: A workbench-style station that lets visitors build different circuits from simple electrical components.
  • Glow Room: A room with phosphorescent paint that creates shadow effects of visitors’ bodies for several seconds after a light is flashed. Visitors also can create glowing designs with light pens.