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H/School Field Trip Live Science Shows

School Field Trip Live Science Shows

Professional museum educators will captivate your students while presenting a 25-minute live science show tailored to your students’ grade level.

Spooky Science

Available Monday-Friday
Sept. 21 through Nov. 3


As part of our Jack-O-Lantern Lane exhibit, the Spooky Science show explores the shocking science behind some of our favorite jack-o-lanterns and Halloween experiences.  Students will learn how to take jack-o-lanterns to the next level with explosive chemical reactions, investigate the power of electricity, and watch as our educator tries to bring a pickle to life!  Continue your electrifying journey by booking our Shock and Awesome workshop!






Available Monday and Tuesday
Sept. through March


This show is the COOLest show ever.  Educators help students have fun with one of the coldest chemicals in the known universe – liquid nitrogen.  Where does it come from? What happens to water and other substances when they touch it?  Why does it seem to disappear when you pour it out?  Students will go “ooooh” and “ahhhh” when they learn the answers to these questions and reveal the basic science behind these awesome effects.  Do your students love exploring cold science?  Check out our Brain Freeze workshop!



Use the Force

Available Wednesday and Thursday
Sept. through March


Students review Newton’s three laws of motion in fun and exciting ways.  Several volunteers are pulled from the audience to test their physics knowledge and try to outwit the Science Center’s educators.  Featured experiments include debunking the magicians’ tablecloth yank trick and breaking a board in half, with an adult volunteer’s hand (no karate training necessary).  Put your student’s new found knowledge to the test in our Roller Coaster Engineer workshop.





Available Friday
Sept. through March


Based on the popular book by Sylvia Branzei, this program is all about the impolite science of the human body.  Grossology is broken up into three main segments: Eating, Digesting, and Excreting.  Find more “gross” fun in our Slime Science workshop.  GROSSOLOGY™ is a trademark of Price Stern Sloan, a division of Penguin Groups.







Chemical Chaos

Only available April and May

Our educator performs an assortment of color-changing, fizzing, and all-around exciting chemistry experiments that are sure to get a reaction out of your students.  This show highlights some of the crazy characteristics of chemicals, and demonstrates the difference between a physical and chemical reaction.  We recommend pairing this experience with our Brain Freeze workshop for a fun-filled day of chemistry.




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