H/School Field Trips/Field Trip Exhibit Highlights

Field Trip Exhibit Highlights

Physics Playground

Students play with a plethora of hands-on exhibits designed to reinforce their understanding of momentum, gravity, friction, simple machines, and several more physical concepts that govern our universe.

Exhibits to Explore: Newton Chairs, Friction Wheels, Pulley Power, Giant Lever, KEVA Build It Up!, and many more

Earth, Wind, and Water

Students explore the science behind the world’s elements as they manipulate the flow of water and learn to forecast the weather with WFMZ 69 News and the Accuweather Channel.

Exhibits to Explore: Water Table, Be a Weather Forecaster, and Wave Power

Today’s Tech

Students look at the world from various scales to uncover the hidden secrets behind the technologies they use every single day and the ways in which nanotechnology will influence the future of science and society.

Exhibits to Explore: Pin Wall, Scopes on Ropes, Watch Water Freeze, and Carbon Nanotube Tower

Innovation and Invention

Students develop the mindset of being an inventor as they tackle various design challenges and gather inspiration from some of the greatest innovators in the Lehigh Valley region.

Exhibits to Explore: High Flyer, Mack Truck Exhibits, Hydraulic T-Rex, Animation Station, and Paper Airplanes

Science In the Dark

Students become the subject of their own scientific investigations in our two Science In the Dark experiences that are sure to de-light visitors of all ages!

Exhibits to Explore: Darkened Tunnel* and Glow Room

* Each group is assigned their own 10-minute time to maximize their experience

Aquatic Adventures

Students are immersed in the marine sciences and explore the depths of the ocean from the safety and security of dry land. Educators are available regularly to take students through hands-on experiences to augment a marine tank full of live plants and animals.

Exhibits to Explore: Marine Tank