H/Spirit of Verrocchio Mentorship Award Winner: Air Products Retirees Association (AirPRO)

Spirit of Verrocchio Mentorship Award Winner: Air Products Retirees Association (AirPRO)

AirPRO members have been helping the Science Center since 1999 serving as volunteers, mentors, and helping to build exhibits. In the early days of the Science Center, the AirPRO members were our first group of exhibit floor volunteers. They helped get many bulk mailings out in a timely manner and built some of the exhibits. Many of them were also our first supporters! As the Science Center grew, AirPRO expanded their participation to build and install exhibits, participate as speakers, tour guides, assist in the repair of the unique exhibits, and as program volunteers. The technical experts at Air Products were invited to give talks on specialty gases, hydrogen cars, electronic gases, and demonstrating the making of liquid nitrogen ice cream. One of our best known AirPRO volunteers is Frank Schweighardt.

Frank Schweighardt encouraged AirPRO members to act as mentors to the Inventors Lab. These engineers, chemists, managers, and lawyers helped build the program to one of the most unique educational programs for 4th to 8th graders in the US.

The AirPRO members and others who volunteered also participated as science fair mentors and judges at the PJAS (Pa. Jr. Acad. of Science), Lehigh University, and Allentown School District Science Fairs. By students meeting a broad spectrum of men and woman in STEM fields who helped point out the classes to take in middle and high school, they are better prepared for college or trade schools. Overall, adults of many backgrounds, experience, and education from AirPRO have contributed for years to the future of new engineers and chemists.

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