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H/Virtual Science Fair Showcase: Biology Projects

Virtual Science Fair Showcase: Biology Projects

Rethink What You Drink
By Abigail and Brianna, Grade 7
Northampton Area Middle School

Measuring the Effects of Added Calcium on Lettuce Plants
By Ashlee, Grade 9
Northampton Area High School

Distractions: How They Affect Your Reaction Time
By Catherine, Grade 9
Emmaus High School

The Effect of Sports Drinks on Resting Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
By Grace, Grade 10
Freedom High School

Grow with the Flow
By Lilianna, Grade 7
Orefield Middle School

Medicine Math
By Liv, Grade 6
Northampton Area Middle School

The Effects of Neodymium Magnets on Plant Growth
By Logan, Grade 8
Northampton Area Middle School

Coffee vs. Bacteria
By Nirva, Grade 8
Springhouse Middle School

Model Machine Learning Approach to an Effective Parkinson’s Diagnosis
By Purva, Grade 11
Parkland High School

Effectiveness Between Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil and Cocos Nucifera Oil Against Fungal Infections
By Rachel, Grade 11
Parkland High School

Efficiency of Coccolithophorid Algae in Affecting Carbon Dioxide in the Air
By Rujula, Grade 8
Springhouse Middle School

Does Cell Phone Use Affect Mental Focus and Reaction Time?
By Snehal, Grade 11
Parkland High School

Developing a Convolutional Neural Network to Predict Whether a Brain Tumor is Benign or Malignant
By Tariq, Grade 7
Springhouse Middle School

The Hype for Hydroponics
By Vanessa, Grade 8
Orefield Middle School

Behavioral and Physiological Study on the Exposure of Various Vaping Chemicals on Brown Planaria and Blackworm Lumbriculus: Evaluation of Internal Reactions and Physical Changes
By Vidhi, Grade 8
Springhouse Middle School


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