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H/Virtual STEAM Programs for Schools and Community Organizations

Virtual STEAM Programs for Schools and Community Organizations

Your students can explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) from home or in your classroom with the expertise of Da Vinci Science Center educators in this interactive online experience.

We bring science to life and lives to science with our usual recipe of hands-on materials, fun activities, and knowledgeable educators.  If feels just like a Da Vinci classroom program – in your space!

All Programs include:

  • An hour-long virtual session per topic with a Da Vinci Science Center educator via ZOOM
  • A material kit for each student that is theirs to keep
  • Materials and instructions for additional activities, games, and challenges
  • Activity Guides in English and Spanish

Program Details:

  • Programs are available Monday through Friday
  • Available as single session or multi-session programs
  • 20 student maximum per session
  • Minimum of 10 students

Kit Pickup Information

Kit orders can be picked up at the Science Center via curbside pick-up the week prior to your program.

  • Thursday, 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Friday, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Saturday, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Benefits of programs include:

  • Limits learning loss, allowing students to continue to learn STEM content and think like scientists and engineers.
  • Specific activities that promote student socialization skills, develop teamwork skills, promote a sense of belonging, and form new friendships.
  • Demonstrates virtual STEM teaching methods for classroom teachers.
  • Increased family engagement. Families can easily see what students are working on and do follow up activities with the included materials and instructions in English and Spanish.
  • Students have greater access to STEM materials – they get to keep them!
  • Last, but not least…students will have the most fun with science!

Single Session Programs

Program Details

  • Interactive, live virtual lesson taught by one of our Da Vinci Science Center educators
  • 45-60 minute session via ZOOM
  • Available Monday-Friday
Program TitleGrade LevelPrice per Student
Chemical ExcitementK-5th$20*
Color CreationsK-5th$20*
Shocking DiscoveriesK-5th$20*
Paper Circuits4th-12th$20*
Scribbling Machines4th-12th$25*

*Minimum of 10 students, price includes materials kit

Chemical Excitement         

Practice scientific investigation skills in this inquiry-based chemistry lesson!  Students observe and identify physical and chemical changes as they mix substances together, make predictions, and observe what happens.

Color Creations           

Unleash your students’ creativity and challenge them to think like scientists as we mix primary colors to create a rainbow of different possibilities.  Together, everyone will hone their observation skills, make predictions, and design experiments as we have fun exploring the physics of color!

Shocking Discoveries    

Investigate the mechanics inside a mysterious, glowing ball!  In this exploration of materials and conductivity, students discover how this ball uses energy.  For the big finale, students create their very own light-up 3D toy using raw electrical materials.


Discover the science behind your favorite cartoons and stop-motion animation movies, and create your very own moving pictures!  Students build a device that demonstrates how a series of still images, presented to the eye in rapid succession, can be perceived by the brain as continuously moving.

Paper Circuits          

Learn the basics of electrical engineering and spark creativity in this maker-style interactive classroom lesson.  Students use electricity to light up their own 2D and 3D projects during an exploration of conductivity and design.

Scribbling Machines           

Construct a motorized scribbling contraption that makes unique artwork all by itself!  Students engineer a wiggly machine that can draw on its own in this physics-based design challenge.  What scribbles and shapes will your machine create?

Multi-Session Programs

Program Details

  • Interactive, live virtual lesson taught by one of our Da Vinci Science Center educators
  • 45-60 minute sessions via ZOOM
  • Available Mondays-Fridays
Program TitleGrade LevelNumber of SessionsPrice per Student
Best of Da VinciK-5th4$80*
Water WondersK-5th5$100*
Wizarding WorldK-5th6$120*
STEAM Club4th-12th4$85*
Tinkering with Tomorrow's Tech4th-12th5$175*
Outbreak Alert6th-8th6$120*

*Minimum of 10 students, price includes materials kit

Best of Da Vinci         

Students explore a variety of science topics as they try out some of the Da Vinci Science Center’s fan-favorite experiments!  Physics, Engineering, Electricity, and Chemistry are highlighted in this four-week session designed to give students a hands-on opportunity to practice thinking like a scientist.  End the series with a live Mixing Matter Science Show performed by a Da Vinci Science Center educator.  This show features hot chemistry experiments and our “superCOOL” liquid nitrogen!

Water Wonders         

Students uncover the unusual properties of water, an everyday substance that is super special.  Water is more than just all wet.  It is sticky, strong, and can defy gravity!  Suspend water over your head (and stay dry), make water “walk”, and compete in the water Olympics to unlock the magic of water.  Learn about people’s connection to water and how to keep it clean.

Wizarding World     

Discover the science behind the magic from your favorite School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Together we’ll explore potions, create castles, and make our own light-up wizarding wand!  End the series with a live Use the Force Science Show performed by a Da Vinci Science Center educator.

STEAM Club          

Leonardo da Vinci saw connections between many subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM)!  Discover your students’ boundless ability to be creative, curious, and think like Leonardo.  Explore the relationships between multiple disciplines in this four-week series as students sharpen their skills at building, animating, creating, and tinkering.

Tinkering with Tomorrow’s Tech

Students work together and solve real-world problems with creativity and innovation.  Throughout the sessions, students will become familiar with new technologies.  They will explore circuit playgrounds to advance their programming knowledge and Tinkercad® to design solutions.

*Students must have access to their own computer/laptop. Circuit Playground is a device that students code on to do something and requires a lot of typing and mouse work. Computer/Laptop preferred unless you can use a standard micro USB for an iPad to attach keyboard. 

Outbreak Alert  

Can you engineer a solution to a biomedical challenge?  In this program, participants learn about the engineering design process and careers in medicine and biology.  They will learn how biomedical engineers solve healthcare-related problems and work together to improve the healthcare field.  Explore how diseases spread, engineer an antiviral for a contagious virus, create public service announcements to inform the public, and consider what steps you should take to prevent an outbreak from becoming a pandemic.

Contact virtual@nulldavincisciencecenter.org or call 610.841.1875 for details on scheduling a session. 


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