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Explore the human body from the inside out with BODY WORLDS RX at Da Vinci Science Center.

From organs, to muscles, to the nervous system, to skeletal structures, the exhibition showcases over 30 real human specimens preserved through Plastination.

HoursNon-MembersMembersASTC Members
Sunday12 p.m. - 5 p.m.$19.95¹$5¹$7¹
Monday - Thursday10 a.m. - 5 p.m.$19.95¹$5¹$7¹
Friday - Saturday10 a.m. - 5 p.m.$19.95¹$5¹$7¹
Friday - Saturday Extended Hours²5 - 8:30 p.m. (last entry at 7 p.m.)$9.95²$5²$9.95²
¹includes general admission to the Science Center and BODY WORLDS RX
²BODY WORLDS RX only. Other Da Vinci Science Center exhibit areas closed.


  • Showing Dec. 26, 2022 – April 21, 2023.
  • Purchase tickets for BODY WORLDS RX in advance to guarantee entry.
  • Group visitors, call or email today to reserve your trip.
  • Separate entry fee.
  • Space is limited.
  • Timed entry in effect. You will have an assigned 30-minute window attached to your tickets telling you when you can enter the exhibit.
  • Da Vinci Science Center Members: In order to access your membership benefits when reserving tickets online, you must first activate your online membership portal.
  • ASTC Members: In order to reserve tickets in advance, please call us at 484-664-1002.

What is Plastination?

Plastination, invented by anatomist Dr. Gunther von Hagens, is a technique that removes the fluids from the body and replaces them with plastics that harden.

Plastination produces solid, odorless, and durable anatomical specimens for scientific, medical, and public instruction without the use of glass barriers or formaldehyde.

A whole-body plastinate requires approximately 1,500 working hours to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fifty million people, including young children, have viewed the BODY WORLDS exhibitions around the world. We understand that not all children may want to experience this exhibition, which is why we are displaying it in a private area away from our other exhibits, and there is a separate entry fee.

Be sure to check out the official BODY WORLDS RX Family Guide, designed to help families maximize their understanding of the exhibition.

Before the North American premiere of BODY WORLDS, a distinguished committee of theologians, ethicists, academics, and medical luminaries conducted an independent ethics review. The Ethics Review of the origins of bodies in BODY WORLDS – conducted by the California Science Center, Los Angeles – is available for download at bodyworlds.com.

The BODY WORLDS exhibitions rely on the generosity of body donors; individuals who bequeathed that, upon their death, their bodies could be used for educational purposes in the exhibition. All the whole-body plastinates and the majority of the specimens are from these body donors; a few organs and specific specimens that show unusual conditions come from old anatomical collections and morphological institutes.

As agreed upon by the body donors, their identities and causes of death are not disclosed. The exhibition focuses on the nature of our bodies, not on providing personal information.

The poses of the plastinates have been carefully thought out and serve educational aims. Each plastinate is posed to illustrate different anatomical features. For instance, the athletic poses illustrate the use of muscle systems while playing sports. The poses are chosen to highlight specific anatomical features and allow the visitor to relate the plastinate to their own body.

While you will be able to get very close to the plastinates, visitors are not allowed to touch them.

We recommend about an hour to walk through the entire exhibition. While you will have an assigned entry time with your ticket, you will not have a specific exit time, so you are free to spend as much or as little time in the exhibition as you’d like.

Group visitors, call or email today to reserve your trip.

BODY WORLDS RX is included in field trip admission costs!

  • A school field trip consists of 15 or more students. Trips for less than 15 students incur an additional fee.
  • Add one of our special Medical Lab workshops to complete your BODYWORLDS RX field trip experience.

A True STEAM Learning Experience

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math

Think like a  scientist!

Doctors, nurses, EMTs, and countless other medical scientists investigate how and why the human body works the way it does.

Practice your own observation skills by analyzing and interpreting authentic x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs, just like a radiologist.

Compare and contrast healthy bodies and organs with those that have been affected by arthritis, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and more.

Think like an artist!

Artists who know how the human body is put together and how its muscles work are better able to portray people in painting, sculpture, and other art forms.

Have you ever wondered, “how did they do that?” while watching a dancer leap through the air? Dancers and performing artists are uniquely in tune with how their bodies move and react.

Understanding the body by learning about anatomy and biomechanics can improve your own self-awareness of how your body moves.

Think like an engineer!

Investigate the bodies in action poses to see how these different parts all work together to help us perform different tasks.

Engineers are often inspired by studying nature and the human body. This biomimicry allows engineers to design solutions that have been developed by evolution over thousands of years.

Biomedical engineers learn how the body works naturally, and also strive to make it more efficient or make certain tasks easier.

Thinking like Leonardo da Vinci (STEAM)

Leonardo da Vinci is famous for many things – painting The Mona Lisa, prototyping some of the first flying machines, and making countless detailed sketches of the inner workings of the human body. To him, science, technology, engineering, art, and math were not separate topics, but were all interconnected and dependent upon one another.

Today, we call this approach STEAM, and it is at the core of Da Vinci Science Center experiences. Visit BODY WORLDS RX to follow in Leonardo’s footsteps and discover your own passion for STEAM. By honing your skills of observation, analyzing information, interpreting results, and communicating your findings to others, you are certain to be one of the world’s next great thinkers.

Be curious. Get inspired. Do amazing things!


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