PPL Electric Utilities Energy Zone

The PPL Electric Utilities Energy Zone explores the nature of energy and compares the energy visitors use to move their bodies and the electrical energy they use to light...

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Engineers On a Roll

The expansive preschool exhibit experience Engineers On a Roll is a combined engineering lab, playscape, and climbing space that offers preschool children hours of active fun while they explore...

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Leo’s Creativity Studio

This “maker space” experience allows visitors to build and create using real tools and their imaginations. The creative fun will continue throughout the year, as more activities are added...

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Deer Park Water Table

The Deer Park Water Table is designed specifically for preschool-aged children and sits less than four feet above the ground. The exhibit features movable parts that visitors can position...

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KEVA Build It Up!

KEVA Build It Up! is an interactive experience that lets visitors show off their design and building skills using the popular KEVA planks. The KEVA Build It Up! studio...

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Newton Chairs

Visitors discover Sir Isaac Newton’s Second Law of Motion – that force is equal to mass multiplied by acceleration – as they sit on the chairs facing each other...

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Pin Wall

Based upon the concept of pixels on a television screen, the Pin Wall features thousands of injection-molded pins that allow visitors to create detailed representations of body parts, designs,...

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Tunnel Vision

One of the Da Vinci Science Center’s most popular exhibits, Tunnel Vision is a hit with visitors because it lets them crawl through a 72-foot maze-like tunnel in complete...

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DaVinci Science Center

Quakes and Shakes Seismometer

 The Da Vinci Science Center’s Quakes and Shakes Seismometer measures strong seismic activity around the world and broadcasts to its exhibit floor. Exhibit Details The Da Vinci Science...

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Art Exhibits

As Leonardo da Vinci is known to many as the greatest artist and scientist of all time, pieces on the Da Vinci Science Center’s exhibit floors showcase the connections...

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Built Like a Mack Truck

The Da Vinci Science Center’s exclusive Mack Trucks exhibit features a life-sized truck cab and game simulator challenges visitors to build the most fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly Mack Truck and...

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Hurricane Simulator

The Hurricane Simulator is a tube in which visitors stand and experience wind forces accelerating up to 78 miles per hour, the minimum speed of a Category 1 hurricane....

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Nano Exhibits

The Da Vinci Science Center’s nanotechnology exhibits highlight the basics of nanoscale science, introduce some real world applications, and explore their implications. Nanotechnology is the study of things that...

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High Flyers

Send paper rockets soaring in our High Flyers exhibit! Creative “rocket designers” cut different shapes from paper cups to see which ones fly higher or faster. An endless supply...

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Da Vinci Pond

The Da Vinci Pond is a 550-gallon aquarium that features native animal and plant species: Pumpkinseed Sunfish, Painted turtle, and hornwort. The pond in our current facility is showcasing...

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