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H/STEAM Career Pathways Program

STEAM Career Pathways Program

The Da Vinci Science Center STEAM Career Pathways Program is a branch of the comprehensive initiative that engages students in grades 6-12 with fields that will address the challenge of advancing educational attainment and employment opportunities for groups traditionally underrepresented in STEAM careers in the Lehigh Valley.

What is Career Pathways?

Career Pathways:

  • increase science & career knowledge and skills through hands-on activities, mentorship opportunities, workshops, internship experiences, and direct interactions with STEM professionals with diverse backgrounds and levels of experience.
  • create positive attitudes towards school, science, and engineering
  • increase future aspirations in science and in STEAM careers

Each session consists of hands-on science learning and career readiness discussions.

Why do we have a Career Pathways Program?

  • Career Pathways helps students meet the Career Education and Work Standards
    • Career Awareness & Exploration
    • Employability Skills
    • Growth & Advancement
    • Personal Interests & Career Planning
  • There is also underrepresentation in STEAM classes and jobs.
  • The demand for STEM jobs is expected to increase
  • STEM jobs also offer higher pay, and STEM skills are skills for life

What do students get out of it?

To complete the program, students will:

  • complete a series of career readiness educational programs and field trips to real work environments. These programs range from tech companies, engineering firms, and healthcare facilities, to manufacturing organizations and research labs.
  • complete volunteer experience to further develop their skills in community engagement: agency, confidence, and social responsibility.
  • complete a 120-hour paid internship that deepens their understanding of their chosen pathways, including the successful completion of an individual project and/or learning portfolio.

Who are our Career Pathways Partners?

The Allentown School District, Easton Boys and Girls Club, higher educational institutions, and local employers are collaborating with Da Vinci Science Center to design the STEAM Career Pathways Program.
Employer partners will provide guest speakers, shadowing, and/or paid internship opportunities.

Potential employer partners include ATAS International, Inc., B Braun, Evonik, Lehigh Valley Health Network, Mack Trucks, Olympus, Miller-Keystone Blood Center, and PPL Corporation.

The following organizations have been involved as guest speakers in the pilot phase of the program, which operated from spring ‘23 – spring ‘24: Just Born, Inc., Crayola, B Braun, Noah Basketball, Soundlabz LLC

How do I sign my student up?

Currently, this program is only for Allentown School District students and students attending the Boys & Girls Club of Easton. For more information, please contact

Become a Program Partner

We’re always looking for more employer partners to provide guest speakers, shadowing opportunities, and/or paid internship opportunities.

Please contact to learn more.

STEAM Career Pathways mentor working with two students, a boy and a girl.

Group of students from the STEAM Career Pathways program pose for a photograph with the team from Olympus at the Olympus offices.

Program Overview & Impact

Da Vinci Science Center is pivotal in the Lehigh Valley’s career readiness ecosystem through its STEAM Career Pathways Certificate Program. Aimed at enhancing STEAM and job-readiness skills among youth in neighborhoods and school districts where incomes are disproportionally below the federal poverty level, the Science Center acts as a crucial bridge connecting students, families, and educators – with businesses and community partners. Fostering a supportive community ecosystem surrounding STEAM careers addresses the dual needs of students seeking careers and employers requiring skilled labor. This initiative not only positions Da Vinci Science Center as a leader in STEAM education but also strengthens the region’s economic vitality by making education and employment opportunities accessible to all, ensuring community-wide success and sustainability.

Community engagement is a Da Vinci Science Center core value to ensure program access, reach, and relevance. The STEAM Career Pathways program has been co-created with key stakeholders, and continuous learning and feedback are sought.

A Community Science Advisory Committee and Student Advisory Committee provide ongoing feedback.