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Jul 22
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STEAM Career Pathways Program

Career Pathways PRogram

The Da Vinci Science Center STEAM Career Pathways Program is a branch of the comprehensive initiative that engages students in grades 6-12 with fields that will address the challenge of advancing educational attainment and employment opportunities for groups traditionally underrepresented in STEAM careers in the Lehigh Valley.

Become a Program Partner

We’re always looking for more employer partners to provide guest speakers, shadowing opportunities, and/or paid internship opportunities.

Please contact to learn more.

STEAM Career Pathways mentor working with two students, a boy and a girl.

Group of students pose for a photograph with the team from Olympus

Program Overview & Impact

Da Vinci Science Center is pivotal in the Lehigh Valley’s career readiness ecosystem through its STEAM Career Pathways Certificate Program. Aimed at enhancing STEAM and job-readiness skills among youth in neighborhoods and school districts where incomes are disproportionally below the federal poverty level, the Science Center acts as a crucial bridge connecting students, families, and educators – with businesses and community partners. Fostering a supportive community ecosystem surrounding STEAM careers addresses the dual needs of students seeking careers and employers requiring skilled labor.

This initiative not only positions Da Vinci Science Center as a leader in STEAM education but also strengthens the region’s economic vitality by making education and employment opportunities accessible to all, ensuring community-wide success and sustainability.

Community engagement is a Da Vinci Science Center core value to ensure program access, reach, and relevance. The STEAM Career Pathways program has been co-created with key stakeholders, and continuous learning and feedback are sought.

A Community Science Advisory Committee and Student Advisory Committee provide ongoing feedback.

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