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Jun 25
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Da Vinci Science Center STEAM Educator Awards

Previously known as the Hall of Fame Educator Excellence Awards

Da Vinci Science Center is looking for three K-12 educators who go above and beyond to engage students in high-quality, innovative STEAM projects that integrate subjects and connect the classroom to the real world.  Award recipients will receive a $1,000 cash grant for their school to invest in STEAM education supplies or programs.

Both early-career and more experienced educators will be considered, but nominees must have at least 2 years of teaching experience and work at a public or private school in Lehigh or Northampton county, and not be a previous award winner.

You need only provide a 2-3 sentence statement in your nomination. We’ll contact the nominee and ask them to submit an essay that describes their approach to STEAM teaching and learning and gives specific examples of student work in class and/or after-school. Educators may nominate themselves.

Da Vinci Science Center Board Members and individuals whose principal place of employment is Da Vinci Science Center, as well as their family members, are ineligible for awards.

Nomination Process

* Nominees should hold this evening open in the event they are selected as finalists.


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