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Career Connection Days Exhibitors

Bring science to life and inspire the next generation of STEM leaders!

Thank you for being a part of our amazing Career Connection Days!  You’re playing a big part in informing middle school students about science, technology, math and engineering (STEM) careers, and possibly inspiring them to pursue one.  Your participation will grow your organization’s future workforce and strengthen STEM in the region.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our primary expectation is that an exhibitor will host a table at our event.  At the table, students should be able to:

  • Meet people who are working in STEM (we love marketing and public relations people, but we would like to see representatives that specifically do STEM work)
  • Do a simple and compelling hands-on activity that relates to the work you do
  • Learn more about your jobs… and what’s required to be able to do them

We also host a day for scouts on the Saturday of each event.  We do not have exhibitors at that event but we do present a panel discussion of STEM individuals and have a casual coffee/lunch session for the scouts and STEM panelists to talk informally.  If you are interested in being a part of the scout event, please let us know!

Absolutely!  We will be holding training for exhibitors on Oct. 16 at our facility.  We’ll go over logistics and how to engage with middle schoolers, and we’ll have sample activities for you to see as well.  If you need help developing an activity, we are happy to help you.  (However, we cannot provide consumable materials or Science Center staff/volunteers to help at your table.)  We just need to know that you need help!

Each Career Connections field trip theme runs for three days. Students will be onsite from 9:30 a.m.-2 p.m. We will be open for setup at 8:30 a.m. and have a quick meeting at 9:15 a.m.  After 2 p.m., you may leave whenever you wish.

Once your table is set up, you may leave it set up overnight so you don’t have to start over each morning. We can lock up anything valuable.   

We are flexible with the times and dates that you are here, but we strongly encourage your presence as an exhibitor for all three days; this way all students have the same experience regardless of which day they attend.

  • Shape and grow your future workforce
  • Raise your community profile and garner goodwill for supporting education
  • Be the person who inspires a future scientist or engineer—you may be the first one they’ve ever met
  • Network with colleagues in different organizations in a relaxed, fun setting
  • Help demonstrate how deeply STEM permeates our society and why support for STEM is key to a successful community
  • We give your organization recognition in our marketing materials (and we feed your representatives!)
  • Women in Science and Engineering showcases career opportunities and achievements for women and girls. We suggest highlighting women in your organization for this event—women in leadership, groups supporting women employees, policies that help women succeed. Men are welcome to be exhibitors at this event, and the event is open to both boys and girls; making sure everybody has opportunity to succeed is a team effort.
  • Healthcare is all about medicine, the largest industry in the Lehigh Valley. We take a wide view of what a healthcare career is, from surgeons to technicians to pediatricians to therapists to hospital chefs and translators.  There is a LOT of opportunity in this field!
  • Made in America looks at careers in engineering, manufacturing, transportation, and coding, with an emphasis on the future of technology in these fields and problems that they are working to address. Your organization may be working in many or even all of these fields! 

Middle school is when many students lose interest and confidence in STEM.  We aim to head this off by introducing kids to a wide range of STEM careers (including careers they never would have thought of) and inspiring them to connect their future to STEM.

We are fostering the region as a center for STEM achievement by showcasing STEM businesses and organizations, spurring students to seek out STEM activities and education, and creating a culture of STEM that shapes the economic growth of the region.

In addition, Pennsylvania now requires career preparation as part of its education standards, and expects teachers to collect evidence of career learning activities.  We are meeting many of these standards and requirements with our Career Connections events.

Past exhibitors have included St. Luke’s University Health Network, PPL, B. Braun, Crayola, JustBorn, All Points Equine, Boas Surgical, Intertek, Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania, the American Chemistry Society, the Society of Women Engineers, and many more!

We have capacity for up to 400 students per field trip day and 100 scouts on Saturday. We are also open to the public each day. We can keep you updated to the actual reservation numbers as we get closer to the event so you know what to expect.

Please reach out to the event coordinator, Kate Heflin, at kateh@nulldavincisciencecenter.org or at 484.664.1002, ext. 116.


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