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Jul 22
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Classroom Programs

Standards-based classroom programs can be single-day, multiple-day, semester-long, or summer experiences held in schools or community locations.

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About Classroom Programs

Traveling Science Classroom Programs are inquiry-based hands-on science experiences for students during the school day or any other time.

Classroom Programs are designed to encourage your students to think like and aspire to be future scientists.

  • Base rate covers up to 25 students.
  • Programs are 45-60 minutes long.
A young girl makes slime as an educator looks on during a classroom program

Available Classroom Programs

Classroom ProgramsGrades
Wee EngineersPreK
Eco ExplorersK-2
The Secret Life of SeedsK-2
Bubble Bonanza: Engineering Bubble WandsK-2
Paws of Attraction3-5
Made in America3-5
Music to My Ears: An Acoustical Engineering Challenge3-5
Medical Mystery6-12
Picture an Eclipse6-12
Apex Innovators6-12
Kinetic Sculptures6-12

PreK Programs

$265 per session

Wee Engineers

Four sessions available

Empower your preschoolers to discover their inner problem-solvers! Engage with hands-on challenges that use familiar materials in creative ways. Explore science concepts like forces of nature, loud and soft noises, and balance and motion. Become an expert engineer by looking closely at the world around you and figuring out how to make it better.

Note: This program was designed by the Museum of Science

K-2 Programs

$265 per session

Eco Explorers

Five sessions available.

Plants and animals need your help to keep their environment clean! Engage in hands-on activities to learn the art of reducing, reusing, and recycling in a fun and accessible way. Work with your friends to engineer and design reach tools and compost bins to help clean and restore our local habitats.

$265 per session

The Secret Life of Seeds

Six sessions available

There’s a wild and wonderful world right outside your window, waiting to be discovered. Dive deeply into understanding how plants depend on animals and their environments to survive. Work with your friends to build a model to determine how animals help disperse seeds. Put your designs to the test through our brand new animal obstacle course and take home seeds you can plant in your yard or local park!

$265 per session

Bubble Bonanza: Engineering Bubble Wands

Six sessions available

Become a professional bubble-ologist! Create your own unique bubble solution and engineer bubble wands of different shapes, sizes, and materials. How do you think this will change how your bubble looks or behaves? Bubble-ologists will apply what they learned to create a bubble show performed for their friends!

Note: This program was designed by the Museum of Science

3-5 Programs

$265 per session

Paws of Attraction

Six sessions available.

The dog shelter needs our help! We’ll create doors that let the dogs in…and keep other critters out. Using magnets in their designs, students will explore attraction, repulsion, and relative strength. This workshop combines physics, the engineering design process, problem-solving, and peer collaboration.

Note: Based on Engineering Magnetic Dog Doors developed by Youth Engineering Solutions/Museum of Science, Boston

$265 per session

Music to My Ears: An Acoustical Engineering Challenge

Six sessions available

Can you hear me now? Get ready to become the sound engineer for a new and upcoming artist, YOU! Figure out how sound works through a series of hands-on experiments. Build instruments and amphitheaters to amplify your music. Head to the recording studio to combine your knowledge and creativity to put on the best show ever!

Note: This program was designed by the Museum of Science.

$265 per session

Made in America

Six sessions available

Real tools. Real parts. Real technicians and engineers. Learn what’s so cool about making things and how things are made in the USA. Train to become a technician assembling electrical parts and become an engineer designing an assembly line. Learn the role of teamwork, communication, and creativity in manufacturing careers and work together to make a fun final product.

6-12 Programs

$275 per session

Medical Mystery

Six sessions available.

Nina needs your help! Nina, a local 15-year-old, is having some mysterious symptoms. Take on the role of a physician as you analyze patient charts, experiment with our synthetic cadaver, order tests, and dissect organs to figure our her diagnosis!

$275 per session

Picture an Eclipse

Six sessions available

Inspire out-of-this world creativity while you use the artistic lens of photography to figure out how eclipses work. Develop a model of the solar system while you answer questions like, “What are eclipses, why do they happen, and how can I see one?” Prepare to celebrate and capture these awe-inspiring, life-changing events happening in your neighborhood in 2023 and 2024!

$275 per session

Apex Innovators

Six sessions available

Got problems? Take a bite out of ’em! Combining innovation, curiosity, and creativity, we’ll dive into invention and get our heads swimming with ideas. Turn your idea into a fin-tastic prototype to test and refine. Then be prepared to pitch your prototype to your friends! After hearing the pitches, your friends will have the chance to ‘invest’ in the most delicious inventions. Jump into our business tank and swim with the sharks…if you dare!

$275 per session

Kinetic Sculptures

Six sessions available.

Experience Da Vinci-style curiosity as we create beautiful, interactive, moving masterpieces using Hummingbird Bit Kits! Bring your sculptures to life by combining your knowledge of block coding and robotics with creativity and artistic expression. Learn about other kinetic art and the engineering-artists who created them. Impress yourself and your friends with your final creation!

Helpful Hints

  • We do our best to accommodate all requests. However, we recommend booking at least one month in advance to ensure program availability.
  • Outreach educators will arrive:
    • Up to 30 minutes prior to designated program start time for Classroom Programs.
    • One hour prior to designated program start time for Science Shows.
    • 30-60 minutes prior to designated program start time for Community Programs and Science Celebrations.
  • Please remember to allow time for clean up when booking.
  • Billing through PayPal is available upon request.

Payment Policies

  • Purchase orders are acceptable in advance only and will not be accepted on the day of the program.
  • Final payments are not accepted on the day of the program.
  • All final payments should be made two weeks in advance of the first program date.
  • Make all checks payable to Da Vinci Science Center
  • Mail Payments to:
    • Da Vinci Science Center
      Attn: Reservations Office
      815 W. Hamilton Street
      Allentown, PA 18101

Travel Fee Policy

A travel fee will be applied to all programs held at locations more than 50 miles round trip from the Da Vinci Science Center.

  • 51-75 miles round trip: $75
  • 76-100 miles round trip: $100
  • 101-125 miles round trip: $125
  • Rates vary for programs farther than 125 miles round trip.
  • Travel restrictions apply for The MEGA Brain programs.


  • Please call us immediately if you need to reschedule.  We will make every effort to accommodate your request.  If you need to cancel your program, please contact us at least two weeks in advance.  A $35 processing fee may be applied for rescheduling or cancelling a program.
  • A $75.00 rescheduling fee will be charged if an educator is traveling to the program’s location prior to receiving notification that a program needs to be rescheduled.
  • Delivery of programs is weather-dependent. Weather-related cancellations can be rescheduled to a new date within the current school year with no penalty. Weather-related cancellations that are not rescheduled to a new date within the same school year will be refunded.

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