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Eggcellent Adventures

Friday, April 10, Saturday, April 11, and Monday, April 13

Drop into spring with our annual Eggcellent Adventures weekend!

Egg Drop Challenge

Can you protect your falling egg from breaking using random items?

Employ various engineering and design tactics to protect your egg from cracking when it’s released from the Café’s 19-foot-high balcony. 

Check out Flinkers at Inquiry Island

Explore the concept of buoyancy and find the perfect balance to make an egg neither sink nor float—but flounder in water. See what happens with even the smallest changes in weight.

Eggcellent Egg Facts

Did You Know…

  • Fresh eggs have survived an impact from 700 feet high– unprotected!
    David Donoghue of the UK holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for the highest egg drop.  He calculated the angle and speed needed to safely drop an egg from a helicopter, relying in part on his knowledge of ‘bouncing bombs’ from his time in the British Army.
  • An eggshell is made out of calcium carbonate– the same ingredient in many antacids! 
    It has around 17,000 pores that allow air and moisture to pass through the shell…but also has a thin layer called the bloom that protects the inside of the egg from bacteria.  (A water filtration system designed by MIT for developing countries uses a similar approach, using holes that are large enough for water molecules–but too small for most bacteria–to pass through.)
  • A hen named Harriet laid the world’s largest chicken egg in 2010. 
    It had a diameter of over nine inches, similar to a regulation-size basketball!  This is larger than the average egg of an ostrich, which has a diameter of six inches.


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