Traveling Science Shows

Traveling Science Shows add fun and standards-based content to create memorable experiences for you and your students!

  • Assembly-style shows encourage participation
  • Bring science to life through a variety of exciting and engaging topics
  • Great additions to science celebrations, community events, and field days
  • Topics and schedules may be customized to fit the needs of your program and students
  • Base rate covers up to 150 students
  • Programs are 60 minutes long
Science ShowsGrades
Science MagicPre-K-3rd
Healthy ChoicesK-8th
Mixing MatterK-8th
Shocking Discoveries4th-12th
Use the Force4th-12th
Science Show Pricing
  • Program: $450
  • Additional Program: $225*

*Must be same topic, date, and place

Science Magic

Students are introduced to Lizzy the Chameleon as she explores various science magic tricks, including the tablecloth yank, making water “float” in air, and levitation.  Unlike other Chameleons, Lizzy cannot change colors, so students follow on her journey to unlock the mysteries of color.  This show features presenter demonstrations, audience volunteers, and multimedia elements.


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Based on the popular children’s book by Sylvia Branzei, this program is all about the impolite science of the human body.  Grossology is broken up into three segments: Eating, Digesting, and Excreting. No Grossology show would be complete without learning about saliva, peristalsis, and flatulence.  GROSSOLOGY™ is a trademark of Price Stern Sloan division of Penguin Group



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Healthy Choices

Discover the science behind a healthy lifestyle.  What happens to our body when we run, jump, and play?  Where does all this energy come from and how can we help keep our mind and body healthy as we grow?  This show uses audience and on-stage helpers to unlock the secrets of the human body through hands-on experiments.  It features a look at real organs to help your students understand what it means to be physically fit.


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Mixing Matter

This show introduces students to some truly amazing chemical concepts.  In the first half, students learn the basics of chemical reactions.  Exploding soap monsters and experiments with fire demonstrate the awesome potentials of mixing matter.  The second half highlights the superCOOL side of chemistry as students explore the properties of liquid nitrogen.



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Shocking Discoveries

This show is all about electricity.  It begins with a discussion about one of the most prevalent types of electricity in the world – static electricity.  Students learn that static is much more than just an annoying shock they can experience on a dry winter day; it can make their hair stand on end, levitate objects, and even produce indoor lightning.  Students will be amazed when they are able to illuminate a fluorescent bulb in the palm of their hand. 


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Use the Force

Students review Newton’s three laws of motion in fun ways.  Several volunteers are pulled from the audience to test their physics knowledge and try to outwit Science Center educators.  Featured experiments include debunking the magicians’ tablecloth trick, breaking a board in half – with a volunteer’s hand (no karate training necessary), and taking a ride on a hovercraft.

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